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Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan

by Ali Sweeney last modified 07-31-2009 15:13

Welcome to a re-visioning of the Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan (CEEMP) for Colorado's environmental education (EE) community.

This website is designed so that you can access the plan online, report how you are accomplishing or planning to contribute to goals in the plan, and see how others are a part of the plan. If you would rather just download a copy of the plan and come back another time, Download Master Plan

Introduction  Fundamentals of EE  Goal Statements  Contributions/Accomplishments  References  List of Terms

Picture this...
The re-vision is of a time when environmental education (EE) is fully embraced, supported, and integrated into every-day experiences; when citizens of Colorado are involved in learning about our environment and our relationship to it in from the time they are young, and continuing throughout life - in our experiences at home, at school, in our work, and in our play. When developing environmental literacy is just…natural. After all, the environment is where we live.

Broad support and visibility are needed to raise EE's value and fulfill this vision. This plan is designed to help us do that by establishing a framework for this collective effort, and fostering long-term initiatives to be carried out by the whole EE community. The idea is that in addition to the goals we aim for individually - within our professional or volunteer work, and for our respective organizations etc. - that we might also aim for accomplishments as a community. Through an integrated, systemic approach to EE, together we can realize the vision of environmental literacy.

Join us! There is place for everyone to contribute.

The CEEMP is structured to serve EE in Colorado by providing:

  • a comprehensive set of goals to guide the EE community;
  • a common framework supporting discussion within the EE community;
  • a vehicle to unify the voices of diverse elements of EE;
  • a guiding context for growing and strengthening EE;
  • an entry point for individuals and organizations seeking to learn more about EE or participate in EE endeavors;
  • a map of EE in Colorado that allows interested persons people or organizations to see how their efforts fit with others, and to discover underserved niches; and
  • a mechanism to assist in identifying and accessing funding.