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Join the Coalition to Advance Environmental Literacy in CO!

by CAEE last modified 05-12-2010 17:58

Support Environmental Education in Colorado!

The Coalition to Support Environmental Literacy in Colorado (the same as the No Child Left Inside- Colorado Coalition)  worked hard to pass state legislation in 2010 that will engage the state in developing a framework to provide access to environmental education opportunities for all learners.  Congratulations on the passage of HB 1131- The Colorado Kids Outdoors Grant Program Bill!  There are still opportunities to support the coalition as we build support and funding for this initiative! Join us today!  Let our legislators and community leaders know about the critical need for environmental education in Colorado.


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What does state legislation for Environmental Education look like?    

Legislation to create a grant program to connect youth to the outdoors and develop a statewide environmental literacy plan passed in May 2010.   This is a historic first step in advancing environmental literacy in the state.

 CAEE and the Coalition continue to support the following components of state legislation:

· Creation and implementation of a statewide environmental literacy plan to ensure a workforce and citizenry prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century

· Creation and management of a fund to support the development and implementation of the environmental literacy plan

· Restoration of and increase in outdoor environmental education field experiences available as part of the formal school curriculum

· Establishment and administration of an environmental education grant fund to promote and provide access to EE programs for schools and communities

· Provide needed resources to improve access to environmental education for underserved populations in Colorado

· Build and maintain a clearinghouse of environmental education information for the state

Download the two page summary on the Coalition.

Find out more about Colorado's progress.

Who is part of the Coalition?

Coalition members are diverse, including educational, natural resources, agricultural, environmental, health and business interests across Colorado. 

View the list of current coalition supporters.

How do I become a Member of the Coalition?

1) Sign the online statement of support, which allows us to utilize you and/or your organization's name and constituency to demonstrate the need for this legislation. 

2) Coalition members should keep their organization's members informed of the Coalition's progress.


What Else Can I Do?

  • Alert your organization's membership and leadership about the importance of environmental education and this legislation.
  • Get Active in educating and thanking your state legislators for supporting this critical legislation. To find out who your legislators are, visit the Colorado General Assembly Legislator Listing.
  • Sign on to Coalition letters to Colorado State Legislators as appropriate.
  • Write letters to the editor or op-eds for your local newspaper. 
  • Send updates to your members as they become available from the Coalition

If you have any questions about the Coalition to Advance Environmental Literacy in Colorado, please contact CAEE.